Nothing is off limits.

Hosted by Hillary and Bill, the Sounds of the World Podcast is here to discover new music, discuss musical topics, and interview fascinating people.

It’s our mission to be educational, entertaining, informative & inclusive. We are dedicated to bringing our listeners the best material from around the world.

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Hey everyone! I’m Bill

I like to think of myself as a father, composer, and traveler. I have been to a number of countries in Europe and I am looking for any excuse to go to Asia. I am also the father to four amazing kids, 3 girls and a boy. 
I began my music education at 8 years old on the piano and received my Ph.D. in music composition from Louisiana State University (2019), my M.M. from the University of Nevada, Reno (2016), and my B.M. from Idaho State University (2014). I also attended the EAMA/Nadia Boulanger Institute in Paris (2017), which is where I met Hillary. My music has been performed in Asia, North America, and Europe.
When Covid-19 hit, I lost my job and needed something to do with my time, besides be a stay at home dad. So, I decided to start a podcast but wanted someone to take the ride with me. Luckily, Hillary didn’t think twice about jumping on board. 
I am looking forward to discovering more about the people and music of our world and creating connections around the world. 



Hi! I’m Hillary

I’m a musician who became passionate about health and wellness after a major depressive episode left me feeling broken and overwhelmed, and unable to create. In July of 2020 I launched my blog, The Healthy Musician Site to share my personal health journey and shed some light on the harsh realities many musicians silently face.

I have a M.A in music with distinction from the University of Birmingham (UK) (2018) and a B.M in music with high honors from the University of Montana (2015.) I am a music composer at the start of her career and enjoy singing in the Billings Symphony Chorale.

I have many hobbies besides music including cooking, crafting jewelry, traveling and you know – cohosting a podcast!

Hailing from roots in both Texas and Montana, I love traveling between my hometowns of Houston and New Braunfels in Texas and Butte, Missoula and Billings in Montana.